about Ene Dan

Ene Dan is a 32 year old motion designer and 3D generalist from Strasbourg, France.

He loves driving, watching quality motion design work and pretending he’s not making art.

He pretends not to know anything about things called 3dsmax, after effects, boujou, vue d’esprit, monet and other magic potions and thingies. He says he needs no such instruments of evil. A long time ago he also loved doing nice 3d characters and scenery for people to play with (in games). He’s not addicted with that anymore as he found something else. Something prettier, too.

While doing other stuff he accidentally stumbles upon computers with curious software installed, on which he accidentally manages to produce some accidentally nice pictures. Some of the pictures are (accidentally) moving. People seem to love pretty moving images, so he has decided to stay here for a while, move some more pictures and make some people accidentally happy.


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